News from the Front #36:

Why I Fear for America If Gore Is Elected

"As a historical reality, during the past 60 years more than three quarters of the earth's population, and the earth's nations, have been ruled by leaders who were psychopaths or otherwise mentally unbalanced. That's most of Europe, much of the Middle East, the Soviet Union, Asia, much of Latin America, and most of Africa. Political life intrinsically draws the empty ambitious, the psychopaths, and the mentally unbalanced, as well as those who have visions for the future they justify keeping secret because those who are to be brought into subservience to that plan are considered too limited and ungrateful to understand and accept it. The people will adapt later after the plan is imposed. This is the historical rule, not the exception.  Americans are raised with the view of being fortunate in living in a country where it can't happen here.  But it can happen here."

                                                                            Robert L. Kocher

Politics is even more complicated than salmon recovery, but they have one thing in common:  the most important facts are generally unknown.  Most of the negative information available about Albert A Gore, Jr. does not appear in Northwest newspapers, which print happy pictures of Gore attending rallies with audiences hand-picked to avoid embarrassing questions.  National media outlets routinely suppress newsworthy stories about Gore misdeeds, most recently spiking a television interview concerning the Gore campaign's use of a "mole" within the Bush campaign.  So too do they spike stories that might help Bush; you'd have to read British newspapers to learn about Bush's environmentalist-style ranch.  The media characterizes Bush as a dim-witted "40 watt bulb", even though it was Gore that flunked out of law school and divinity school during a period of heavy marijuana usage.  

No one edits the Internet, however, and it contains unfiltered sources on Gore of varying credibility, ranging from photocopies of the FBI interview where Gore asserted the infamous "iced-tea" defense to the apparently-factual attacks of obvious partisans that would constitute vicious libels if they were false.  Internet materials even suggest that the media conceals disturbing obsessive-compulsive behavior by Gore.  If you spend hours reading all of the available material, you will find very serious and very specific factual allegations concerning Gore that never surface in the mass media.  The information on the Internet suggests that electing Gore would be a grave threat to the future of this country, and here are some reasons why:

Gore Will Corrupt the Government to Benefit the Democratic Party Machine

The available evidence suggests that a competent and courageous prosecutor could obtain a bribery conviction against Gore, as he was directly and personally involved is quid-pro-quo deals with the airlines and quid-pro-quo deals with the trial lawyers to get additional funds for he 1996 election campaign.  

Gore's response to 18 U.S.C. § 607, which makes it a felony for for any federal employee "to solicit or receive any [campaign] contribution . . . in any room or building occupied in the discharge of official duties" is infamous:  the law, he said, is not "controlling legal authority".  Gore relied on the fact that no one had yet been prosecuted for making telephone calls from their offices--but most politicians knew it was forbidden.  

Gore's national performance review staff even pressured the INS into granting a million likely Democrats citizenship right before the 1996 election without the usual background checks, so that tens of thousands of alien criminals were set loose upon the American public.  The big three networks cover for Gore, ignoring these and other stories entirely. 

So does the Attorney General.  Three times so far, Janet Reno has rejected staff recommendations that she appoint a special counsel to investigate Gore's campaign finance conduct.  Congressman Traficant and Reno's old political opponents in Miami say her unsavory vices make her subject to blackmail from the Clinton/Gore machine.  Beyond straightforward bribery, the Gore/Clinton unlawful schemes included misuse of "soft money", the Buddist temple scam, and fraud and embezzlement of Teamster's funds

The Clinton/Gore investigations of all this never went anywhere.  Most people remember an 18-minute gap in Nixon's tapes, but few know that the White House has, to this day, failed to comply with subpoenas covering months worth of Gore's e-mail, which has been kept secret by threats and lies.  None of the law enforcement officials charged with investigating Gore's conduct have ever seen it—they just release reports clearing Gore over and over again without bothering to gather the evidence.  Ordinary attorneys who performed at this level of competence would be sued for malpractice.

Gore's Personal Financial History Is Sinister

Like Clinton, Gore hails from a small state where corruption is rampant, and Gore has the same kind of unsavory ties with Tennessee crooks , including close relationships with possible drug dealers akin to those Clinton had with Arkansas crooks.  Gore has also employed demonstrably crooked advisors.

The Gore family fortune appears to come in significant part from Armand Hammer, who made money in the Soviet Union through Occidental Petroleum and other ventures, and was probably a Communist agent.  Gore has refused to answer questions about his middle name, which may be Armand, in honor of his family's benefactor.  It may seem old-fashioned to think about these things, but Gore still has substantial ties to Occidental Petroleum, and he personally recommended selling off huge U.S. oil reserves to Occidental in 1997Occidental is also the beneficiary of recent "top-secret" foreign aid to Columbia.  

Since 1993, Gore has headed the "Gore-Chernomydrin Commission" that has been instrumental in concealing the wholesale corruption of U.S. aid to Russia (another source).  When the CIA told Gore that Chernomydrin was a crook, Gore dismissed the charges with a "barnyard epithet".  While there is no evidence that Gore took bribes from Russian gangsters, his "see no evil" policy is directly responsible for facilitating the huge growth of the Russian mobGore even agreed with Chernomydrin to conceal from Congress Russian's violations of anti-nuclear proliferation agreements.

Gore Will Continue To Dismantle America's Military And Give Away Its Secrets

As a result of what one Congressional Committee has called "erosion by design", the Clinton/Gore Administration has dismantled America's ability to build and test nuclear weapons, while assisting Russia and China in their nuclear programs, in part by allowing Democratic contributors to give away missile technology, and in part by facilitating breakdowns of security that led the Chinese to somehow acquire the design for the single most advanced nuclear weapon America has.  Investigations and prosecutions of likely suspects were bungled; despite astounding evidence of Wen Ho Lee's guilt, Attorney General Reno refused for the first time in the twenty-year history of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to authorize a wiretap.  The Clinton/Gore Administration concealed the entire debacle for more than two years.

 The Clinton/Gore Administration has destroyed roughly 8,000 deployed nuclear warheads, with essentially no public disclosure or debate.  The Clinton/Gore Administration acts as tour guides for Chinese generals at sensitive military facilities, discloses sensitive military secrets to the Chinese and has allowed the Chinese military to buy supercomputers used to develop more advanced weapons.  Astoundingly, the Clinton/Gore Administration failed for over four years to translate thousands of pages of secret Chinese documents showing that in addition to nuclear secrets, the Chinese had also stolen our most advanced missile technology.

Internet sites contain photocopies of the original documentation of Chinese involvement in the Clinton/Gore Administration, with Gore playing a key role through convicted felon Maria Hsih.  She took the Fifth Amendment and refused to testify at her trial; collectively nearly 100 witnesses took the Fifth or fled the country.  As usual, Reno's Justice Department never got to the bottom of the problem.  The Chinese are now sounding off against the possible election of Bush, suggesting that Bush's policy toward China will be quite different.

Gore will also continue Clinton's policy of subverting and destroying any possibility of defending America against nuclear missiles, by continuing slavish adherence to the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, which the Russians ignore.  Some point to Gore's support of the Gulf War as an indication that he might be trustworthy on military matters; a fellow Senator, however, reports that he broke with the Democrats in exchange for 20 minutes of prime time exposure.  And the Clinton/Gore Administration has even begun to sneak huge amounts of non-defense spending in to the defense budget, so that spending declines on defense are concealed.  The true facts about the decline in America's military are shocking; it took 37,000 aerial missions in Yugoslavia to destroy 93 tanks, and Pentagon sources leak that the success figures were exaggerated by a factor of ten.

Gore Is An Environmental Extremist 

Gore believes that human civilization is on the verge of destroying the Earth, and must be stopped from doing so—that's what Earth in the Balance means.  Think about it.  In Earth in the Balance, Gore declares that "the task of saving the earth's environment must and will become the central organizing principle of the post-Cold War world".  According to Gore, "the evidence of an ecological Kristallnacht is as clear as the sound of glass shattering in Berlin"Not surprisingly, given the notion that users of natural resources are Nazis, Gore declares that "advanced economies must undergo a profound transition", although Gore is vague on the details, alluding only to the "disruption" of "powerful established patterns".  The "Gore or the Unabomber?" quiz demonstrates just how extreme Earth in the Balance is.

Gore's environmental ambitions transcend mere public policy, as he declares that "it may now be necessary to foster a new environmentalism of the spirit", apparently because "we as a civilization base our decisions about how to relate to the environment on premises that are fundamentally unethical".  Apparently, Gore thinks that human beings have no higher claim to use the earth than plants and animals:  "It seems an easy choice--sacrifice the [Yew] tree for a human life--until one learns that three trees must be destroyed for each patient treated."

While Earth in the Balance is bad enough, Gore has also written forwards or otherwise lent his name to books like Climate in Crisis, that call for reconsideration of fundamental American values like private property rights and patriotism.  As a Senator, Gore was even involved with efforts by the Democratic Socialists of America to build "eco-socialism".  

As James Bovard, author of Freedom in Chains, recently said:  "Gore has no intent to allow individual freedom or rights to stand in the way of his salvation mission. He’s going to save us, no matter what and whether we want to be saved or not, and that’s true on environmental issues and in a lot of other areas as well."  

Preventing any and all new development of any kind will be a critical policy objective of Gore's Administration.  Gore recently told Oprah his favorite movie was Local Hero, about a man who stops an oil refinery from being built.  Gore environmental appointees presided over the shutdown of numerous American refineries so that the remaining refineries are currently running at over 95% capacity and can barely keep place with demand.  Yet like many environmentalists, Gore is a hypocrite, profiting from shady dealings involving zinc mining on his own land.  And like many environmentalists, both Gore and Lieberman repeatedly invoke junk science in environmental matters.

Gore Will Cripple United States Sovereignty Through U.N. Treaties

In furtherance of his "central organizing principle", Gore is leading the charge to submerge United States sovereignty under international control, including proposals for an international environmental protection agency  

Most Americans don't understand the nature of U.N. governance, which is utterly antithetical to American values.  Reporters and non-governmental organizations must be "accredited" to get access to the  U.N., and reporters have already been harassed about anti-Gore articles during the accreditation process.   We stand at the threshold of subordinating our sovereignty to an armed United Nations, with no permanent membership on the Security Council, and no veto power over UN action.  The positions of Gore and Bush are utterly opposed on UN issues, with Gore supporting significant expansions of UN authority and military forces.

Gore Will Dissolve Constraints Against Omnipotent and Unconstrained Government.

Technology is rapidly increasing the powers of government, while as legal constraints on government power are slowly collapsing.  Right now four Supreme Court judges believe that there are no Constitutional constraints to federal exercise of the "commerce power", because everything somehow, someday, has an effect upon the economyGore will undoubtedly appoint more such judges; Bush might not.

Civil rights become vital as the government's powers grow.  Computers can monitor every telephone conversation for selected words, so that you may be labelled as a potential terrorist if, for example, you say your kid "bombed" in the school play.  (This has already happened.)  Gore is personally involved in initiatives to make it illegal for citizens to program their computers to keep secrets from the Government.  The Clinton/Gore Administration has duped Congress into establishing a national health database, a precursor to making everyone's most sensitive information open for political manipulation, as in the infamous "FBI files" incident.  

Gore is complicit in repeated federal abuses of power during the Clinton/Gore Administration.  The Administration is infamous for repeated punitive IRS audits against political opponents, including all the women abused by Clinton who spoke out. The Administration has prosecuted or harassed whistleblowers associated with every suspicious incident during the Clinton/Gore reign.  After the crash of TWA Flight 800, the Administration seized evidence from witnesses and removed whistleblower protection for the investigators, and even put prosecuted a reporter for testing plane fragments to see if they had explosives residue on them.  The U.S. Attorney who pointed out that the FBI repeatedly lied about details of Waco suffered reprisals.  An eyewitness who contradicted the official official story of Vince Foster's death (and has won at least one significant court victory so far) has been harassed.  The Army pathologists who raised questions about Commerce Secretary Ron Brown's death were all punished.  You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist wonder why such enormous efforts have been made to attack individuals who believed, rightly or wrongly, that they were searching for the truth.   

As all constraints on government power fade, even physical attacks on the media have begun, yet  are ignored.  Here's an AP photo of an unidentified man attacking an AP photographer as Gore campaign chairman William Daley and Labor Secretary Alexis Herman look on:

Worse attacks were made on the journalists covering the seizure of Elian Gonzalez.  A vote for Gore is a vote for greater use of such force against "criminals", because more and more of us will be criminals under Gore.


Many people are not overly enthusiastic about Bush.  But he is clearly the lesser of two evils, if indeed Bush is evil at all.  A vote for Gore is a vote for serfdom.  Of course, if Gore gets elected, it will probably be good for my business (at least in the short run):  more laws create more work for lawyers.  Maybe that's why Gore has gotten more money from lawyers than any other group.  

© James Buchal, October 20, 2000

You have permission to reprint this article, and are encouraged to do so.  In some tiny way, the future of this country may depend on whether you do.

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