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Other Sources of Salmon Recovery Information

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The best news media source for information is the somewhat-irregularly-published Fishletter; its lead reporter, Bill Rudolph, knows more about The Great Salmon Hoax than any other reporter in the Pacific Northwest

The government was sufficiently annoyed by Fishletter that it funded, through the Northwest Power Planning Council, a competing electronic newsletter called the Columbia Basin Bulletin, which is somewhat more biased toward governmental positions.  The Council's Electronic Reading Room is good source for Council publications

The best science source is Columbia Basin Research page of the School of Fisheries at the University of Washington.  This very large site (site map) contains two real gems: the Data Access in Real Time page that let users pull up many statistics of interest about dams and salmon and the Mother of All Site Lists, a truly enormous list of websites related to dams and salmon.

The Bonneville Power Administration Fish & Wildlife Group page has downloadable copies of much of the significant anti-dam propaganda from governmental agencies; the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Technical Management Team page identifies ongoing federal, state and tribal meetings concerning river operations; the Walla Walla District's page has meeting notices for the Lower Snake River Juvenile Salmon Migration Feasibility Study, Congress' $20 million effort to promote dam removal.

The Columbia River Alliance website frequently posts new Alliance Alerts, with breaking news on Columbia Basin salmon recovery issues.

Tom Flint's Save Our Dams website contains downloadable petitions to protect the Snake River Dams and useful links.

The proponents of Washington State Initiative XX, to ban non-tribal gillnetting, need support.

The AgFARMation website, put together by farmers in Grant County, Washington, contains a good collection of agriculture links.

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The General Problem

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Outside the Pacific Northwest, a number of organizations continue to fight bad science, bad law, and outright fraud and corruption in Clinton/Gore environmental agencies. 

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Politics, Philosophy & Economics

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Alternative Media

Many on-line journals are available to remove the blinders from watching only mainstream media.  Only by regularly visiting these kinds of sites can you get the "other side of the story", and see just how biased and incompetent the mainstream media really is.

Conspiracy Theorists

While worrying about conspiracies can distract people from acting on what is easily proved, a number of sites raise the question:  "How can all these people be saying these things and not get sued for it, unless they're true?"

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