James Buchal Announces Candidacy for House District 18

On March 6, 2002, James Buchal of Whiskey Hill announced his candidacy for House District 18, registering for the Republican primary to be held May 24, 2002.  Buchal is 42 years old, born in Madison, Wisconsin; is married to Cathy Guttormsen of Canby; and has two children who attend 91 School.

Buchal is an attorney who practices throughout Oregon and Washington, and is the author of The Great Salmon Hoax, the only book to detail the junk science and legal failures behind the listing of Columbia Basin salmon under the Endangered Species Act. He has also given dozens of speeches to groups throughout the Pacific Northwest on the mismanagement of the Region's natural resources, many of which are posted on his website.

"I will seek to represent those who are tired of compromising with extremists, and bargaining more and more of our property rights and liberties away", says Buchal. Buchal says he began seriously to think of running for the State Legislature when he received his Oregon State Bar Bulletin in September, and the title of the first article was "The 2001 Legislative Session: Kumbaya at the Legislature". "I think it's more important to do what's right than get along with Democrats doing wrong," says Buchal.

Buchal is challenging the incumbent, Tootie Smith of Molalla, to a series of debates on the critical issues facing Oregonians, including education, management of natural resources, and the need to control government spending.

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