Legal Defense of Joseph Gibson and Patriot Prayer

This page has been created for individuals wishing to donate to the legal defense costs of Joseph Gibson and Patriot Prayer USA, LLC.  Any contributions will be placed in the Firm’s client trust fund for the benefit of Mr. Gibson, and are not tax-deductible. 

The Left’s attempts to hold Mr. Gibson responsible for the misconduct of other demonstrators poses profound threats to First Amendment rights of political assembly and speech.  As Judge Lavin’s November 8, 2019 preliminary ruling in the Cider Riot case demonstrates (click here for two-minute excerpt), Mr. Gibson will have to face an extraordinarily-hostile Portland jury despite a clear statement that his personal conduct was in complete conformity with the First Amendment, and there was only “scant” evidence that he authorized, directed or ratified any unlawful or tortious acts.

To put it simply, if Mr. Gibson can be held liable for damages resulting from the misconduct of other demonstrators, no political leaders are safe from selective prosecution for the acts of alleged followers.  That cannot be the rule of law in a free America.

Donations accepted through the following link: